Sputtering Targets Supplier Services

Customized Product Development

Two fully equipped Research & Development laboratories and worldwide development teams support your sputtering targets requirements in joint development projects.

Precious Metals Handling

Strongly connected to precious metals since its foundation 150 years ago, Heraeus possesses exceptional knowledge and expertise with these valuable materials. In cooperation with the corporate Precious Metals Trading, any business unit supports you with a complete package of advice and service around PM.

Worldwide Support

Heraeus’ Sputtering Targets business is globally aligned to guarantee local responsiveness wherever you need it. Around the world, we maintain four manufacturing sites, three bond shops, two R & D facilities and a multitude of sales offices and technical services – interconnected for your success.

Logistics & Insurance

Our worldwide locations and logistics partners offer delivery solutions around the globe. Additionally, Heraeus provides insurance programs to cover even the most expensive shipments containing precious metals. Please contact your local representative for information and advice.

Backing Plate Handling

For sputtering targets requiring backing plates, our network of bond shops are located close to the customer site for quicker turnaround and lower processing costs.


Our comprehensive testing and analytical capabilities assure that every sputtering target is of the required quality. Our on-site laboratories are accessible world-wide.