The following material data sheets are available on request!
Glass & Photovoltaics
Ag, Al, CIG, CuGa, In, NiCr, NiV, Si, SiAl, Sn, TiOx, ZAO® (AZO)

Electronic Components
Ag, Al, Al-alloys, Au, Au-alloys, Cu, CuCr, Mo, Ni, NiV, Si, Ti, WTi

Al, Cr, Cu, ITO, Mo, Nb2O5, Si, Ti

11.01.2011Heraeus Thin Film Materials Division – Image Brochureenglish
26.03.2010Sputtering Targets for Large Area Glass Coatingsenglish
02.08.2011Sputtering Targets for Large Area Glass Coatings (Chinese)chinese
23.03.2010Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaicsenglish
23.03.2010Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaics (Chinese)chinese
26.03.2010Sputtering Targets for Electronic Applicationsenglish
23.03.2010Heraeus’ Products for the Photovoltaic Industryenglish
06.05.2010Heraeus – Produkte für die Photovoltaikindustriegerman
15.12.2008Heraeus’ Products for the Electronics Industryenglish
15.12.2008Worldwide Competence in Precious Metals and Special Materialsenglish
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06.05.2010Hanau, Germany – Environmental Certificate ISO 14001:2009english
31.05.2012Chandler, USA – Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008 Chandlerenglish
31.05.2012Chandler, USA – Environmental Certificate ISO 14001:2004english
26.05.2011Singapore – Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008english
27.05.2011Shanghai – Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008english
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