Sputtering Targets Applications & Markets

Our versatile product development specialists work with you to meet even the most demanding production parameters in the wide range of applications for sputtering targets.

 Magnetic Data Storage


Hard Disk Drives are an important part of everyday life. We master the complex metallurgy behind this high density storage technology.

Electronics / Semiconductor

From cars to refrigerators – electronics are literally everywhere. Miniaturization of circuits and structures makes sputtering targets indispensable.


Advancements in visual media fuel display technologies – and vice versa. Now sputtered displays are found in TVs, PCs, and Mobile Devices.

Wear Resistance


The Wear Resistance market is characterized by the sputtered high performance thin film coatings which have to meet various wear, corrosion and scratch resistance requirements.


Modern Glass coatings influenced and changed today’s architecture. Why and how? Sputtering targets are the answer.


Providing a promising solution to upcoming energy scenarios, both thin film and crystalline PV are driven by sputtering processes.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal and CSP systems offer great prospects for the growing energy demand and gain momentum.
While we offer products that have performed well and remained unchanged for over 20 years, almost 50% of our current coating materials are less than 5 years old. And this number is set to increase in the future, as we – together with our customers – continue to develop and optimize improved sputtering target solutions to meet new market demands.